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To pay your membership dues online using a credit card with PayPal:

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Pay your membership dues via the mail using a check:

Print this page, fill out the Membership Form and send with your check to the address at the bottom of the form.


 Name___________________            Phone (home) _____________________

Address ____________________         Phone (cell) _______________________

              _____________________     E-mail ___________________________

                                                                     (please, print  legibly)               


CIRCLE Annual Membership Level  (May 1 - April 30)

    $100 Susan B. Anthony Membership                             $______


     $150 Susan B. Anthony Household Membership       $______


     $90 Household Membership                                          $______

     $60 Individual Membership                                            $______

     $30 Student Membership                                                $______


           I am enclosing $5 for the LWVF Lobby Fund         $______


          Additional Gift to the LWVUS Education Fund       $______            (tax deductible)

                                                TOTAL                                      $______


Please make all checks payable to LWV of Tallahassee.
Mail to:  

LWVT, P.O. Box 10216

Tallahassee, FL 32302-2216