Committees do the work of our organization and members are invited to participate. Email the listed contact to get involved!


Standing Committees


1.     Communications Committee

Chair - TBA

  • Assures consistency across communication platforms in all formats
  • Manages electronic and paper publications and membership-wide electronic messages, except those managed by Voter Services
  • Coordinates requests to send member-wide communications, assures presidential approval and sends approved communications
  • Initiates use of new forms of social media as appropriate to LWVT needs after seeking Board approval
  • Understands use of and at least one committee member is able to use all online services and technologies used for communication


2.     Membership Committee & Membership/Leadership Development Team

Linda Davis, Chair  (

  • Implements the LWVT New Member Welcome Process
  • Assures currency and accuracy of the New Member Handbook
  • Presents a quarterly new member orientation
  • Takes leadership in recruitment and retention of members through a variety of strategies
  • Encourages member participation in LWVT activities and events to assure a continuing stream of informed and experienced leaders


3.     Voter Services Committee

            Margaret Boeth ( Chair


  • Plans and delivers services to assist local voters
  • Coordinates activities with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office
  • Produces electronic and paper publications related to elections and elected officials
  • Manages and participates in voter outreach and education during election years
  • Coordinates LWVT participation in voter registration


Ad Hoc Committees

Contact the LWVT President to volunteer for these committees

1.  Budget Committee (works December-February; annual)
  • Required by Bylaws; appointed by Board
  • Treasurer cannot chair but must be a member
  • Develops proposed budget for Board approval consulting with study & action group chairs, committee chairs and president to determine funding needs
  • Budget published in The Voter at least one month before annual meeting

2. Nominating Committee (works December-February; annual)
  • Required by Bylaws but they indicate two conflicting methods for setting up this committee: elect at annual meeting and appoint immediately after annual meeting. Until this is changed, the President appoints and the Board approves after the annual meeting.
  • Committee solicits input from membership, interviews current and potential board members, and recommends slate of nominees 

3. Financial Records Review Committee (works over summer; annual)

  • Required by Bylaws; appointed by president and approved by Board
  • Review is conducted in lieu of an audit
  • Reports results of review to Board

    4. Program Review Committee (works December-February; annual)
    • Required by Bylaws; appointed by Board
    • Reviews current year’s Program, solicits suggestions from members (at least three months before annual meeting), study & action groups and committees; drafts a Program for the coming year including any needed studies
    • Reviews existing Positions for clarity and currency