Study & Action Groups


LWV members advocate for positions on issues taken by the national, state and local League. Positions are adopted only after careful study and a consensus seeking process. In LWV Tallahassee, members interested in a particular topic form a group to study, advocate for and take action on League positions.


All members are invited to participate in the four current study and action groups. Just contact the chair to find out about the next meeting of the group.


Climate Change & Sustainability

Linda Lee, Chair,


2015-16 Program:
Educate League members and the community on climate and environmental sustainability issues. Work to promote local and regional changes to ameliorate climate change and enhance long-term sustainability


Health Care

Kathy Winn, Chair,, meeting times and dates vary.


2015-16 Program:

Support, monitor, and take action for ongoing national, state, and local physical and mental health care policies with educational and legislative initiatives that promote socio-economic, racial, ethnic, age and disability equity in accessing affordable, quality health care for all and control of costs. Provide information concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Advocate for the expansion of Florida's Medicaid Program. Support funding for providers of health care for the uninsured and initiatives to prevent infant mortality and food insecurity. Support accreditation of local hospitals and birthing centers as Baby Friendly.

Local Government

Joan Kanan, Chair,


2015-16 Program:

Engage with elected and appointed officials and staff members of local governmental entities in order to be informed of and investigate issues related to the League program that are of interest to members. Monitor City of Tallahassee and Leon County Commission agendas and minutes to be alert to evolving issues and to promote efficient and responsible local governments. Participate in related state and national League studies.



Public Education Study & Action Group

Margie Thomas, Chair,


2014-15 Program of Action

Maintain observation and research of Leon County Schools to assess the extent to which students in the county have access to a free public school system, in keeping with LWVUS and LWVF policy and position statements. In 2015-2016, this would include monitoring standardized testing reduction efforts, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (vouchers), the privatization of public education, and early childhood education.