2015 - 2016 WORKING GROUPS

1.     The Voter newsletter (electronic and printer issues every month except June and July)

Editor: Linda Davis

Proofreader: Jan RuBino

  • Editor solicits articles from President, Study and Action Chairs, for feature articles and regular columns
  • Editor develops electronic version in Constant Contact (online communication service)
  • Proofreader assures correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Editor produces print version for printing


2.     Membership Database

Database Manager: Stuart Baker

Treasurer:  Peggy Ramsey

  • Treasurer receives dues and member information and sends to Database Manager
  • Database Manager:
    • Maintains database of member information and interests
    • Periodically retrieves from formsite.com information from Interests & Activities forms to add to database
    • Informs appropriate person(s) of member’s interests


3.  Website

              Webmaster: Erin Edwards

Communications Committee

  • Webmaster updates content independently and as requested by LWVT leadership  for both lwvtallassee.org and vote411leon.org websites
  • Communications Committee reviews content of lwvtallahassee.org periodically for needed updates and additions
  • Voter Services provides content for vote411leon.org


5.     Downtown  Market (from March through November)  & Other Outreach

Outreach Coordinator – To be determined

  • Identifies and brings to president and/or Board for approval other outreach opportunities; finds volunteers to staff such opportunities 
    • Downtown Market Coordinator: Peggy Ramsey
      • Manages outreach supplies/ boxes, table and chairs
      • Assures outreach materials are up-to-date and sufficient in number
      • Trains new volunteers as needed
      • Assures an adequate number of certified voter registration volunteers is available
      • Assures timely turning in of voter registration forms to Supervisor of Elections office



Ad Hoc Working Groups


1.     “Know Your Public Officials” Publication (works in November-January; every two years)

  • Published in digital and print versions: Digital editor – Stuart Baker, Print editor – Marilynn Wills
  • President seeks volunteers to update information on elected officials
  • Secures underwriting for printing (e.g., Leon County Supervisor of Elections)
  • Coordinates distribution to public by Board members


2.     Lobby Corps (works just before and during the Florida legislative session; annual)

  • Leader(s) appointed by president; leader(s) solicit volunteers
  • Volunteers trained
  • Volunteers assist state League lobbyist as requested to track legislation, attend legislative committee meetings, etc.

3.     State Legislative Interviews (works before Florida Legislative session begins; annual)
  • Leader(s) appointed by president; leader(s) solicit volunteers
  • Interviews local legislative delegation, first developing and sending to legislators questions that will be asked during the interviews.